Investment Focus


How We Invest

There are a number of opportunity areas that fit well with our investment approach and strategy.

Open Mandate

  • Open mandate targeting small to medium-sized public and private companies.
  • Instrument agnostic – will express view through debt, equity and/or derivatives. Absolute return focus.
  • Situations that allow us to partner with a company to add value through our unique combination of operational and financial skills (particularly our focus on leadership and culture).
  • Favour sustainable corporate ethos that promotes environmental stewardship, human rights, safety and diversity, and consumer protection.
  • We have an open mandate but currently see the most opportunity in:
    - Growth capital
    - Venture capital
    - Turnarounds

Constructive Activism

  • Shareholdings of significant influence to facilitate an open dialogue with Board and Management.
  • We only seek situations where Management want to work with us. We desire to be viewed as a trusted and knowledgeable partner.
  • Look for and drive catalysts to unlock value longer term.